Cloud Native Open Source Advisory

We'll help you pick the right solutions, vet and implement open source and vendor products.

There are thousands of battle-tested Open Source projects in the Cloud Native space. Even the CNCF alone tracks almost 400 projects in the Kubernetes ecosystem at varying levels of maturity and adoption.

Combine this with the ever-increasing number of vendor solutions from companies like Rancher, StackRox, D2iQ, Red Hat, Microsoft, AWS - and one can see how technology selection is a massive task to undertake for any organization interested in building the Cloud Native way.

So, how can we help? At Rackner, we make it our job to stay up to date with an ever-changing number of open and closed source solutions in the Cloud Native space. We help large organizations understand their options and choose the best tool for the job.

For organizations who want to build completely on open source - or organizations who want the best possible solution regardless of open or closed source - we can help vet and apply relevant solutions for your specific use case.