AI & Platform Development

Develop or modernize business-critical applications with AI Capabilities

We build future-proof platforms. Rackner helps organizations like the US Air Force with large-scale product development and AI capabilities throughout the mission lifecycle

AI & ML Development

ML Approach Development

Building a data-forward solution using existing and new models.

AutoML and MLOps Infrastructure

We build ML solutions with constant retraining and improvement. The majority of value in AI comes from retraining and better labeling.

Key Tech & Partners: Kubeflow, MLFlow
Business Case Application

AI without a business impact is useless. We focus on building ML enabled solutions that increase the efficiency and efficacy of the organization

API & Microservice Development

Modern API Development

Flexible, clean, well documented APIs

Key Tech & Partners: Language-specific frameworks, Swagger
API Management

Bake in rate limiting, licensing, and other features to your API for consumption

Key Tech & Partners: AWS API Gateway, Kong, Ambassador
Logging & Monitoring

Hook in APM & logging infrastructure to optimize for user experience.

Key Tech & Partners: DataDog, AppDynamics, New Relic, CloudWatch

Enterprise Product Development & Modernization

SaaS Development

From billing and free trials to secure multi tenancy and freemium models, we're experienced in dealing with all the aspects of building a SaaS platform.

Key Tech & Partners: Kubernetes, Amazon ECS
Application Modernization

Move from slow-loading pages to a blazing fast applications, and replatform to a cloud-native solution.

Key Tech & Partners: React, Kubernetes, Containers, Public & Private Clouds
Enterprise Platform Security

Audited for security using industry-leading tools. Constantly monitored for breaches throughout the stack.

Key Tech & Partners: Tenable, Qualys, Rapid7, AWS Inspector

Product Design

We start with use cases and user workflows, mapping out how users will interact with the application.
Next, wireframes are created to show where major UI elements will reside on mobile, tablet, and desktop views.
Finally, high fidelity mockups are created, along with specific animations and interaction design.