Building a GitOps powered Kubernetes workflow for a Global 100 company
We built and operated CI/CD pipelines for several large Kubernetes clusters based on GitOps


The customer, a market-leading technology & manufacturing company, wanted a better way to operate their complex application, and it's various environments, across multiple large Kubernetes clusters. We built a GitOps powered solution using a Kubernetes Operator


Our client had several large clusters running microservices on Kubernetes. Their particular pain point was both the management of these clusters, and the manual work required to spin up a particular environment on the cluster. They had a continuous integration system that would create and store new Docker images with their new application, but deployments to Kubernetes were still fully manual.


We built a GitOps driven solution on top of FluxCD, a CNCF project - to automatically deploy updates to existing environments, and also to spin up demo environments for any branches with a certain prefix.

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