kaZING - The app for last minute help.
We built an app-based platform for on-demand help, with cashless payments and mutual ratings.

We built an app-based platform for on-demand help, with cashless payments and mutual ratings.

kaZING is a mobile application launched in St. Peterborough, New Hampshire designed to help people engage in a locally-based marketplace. Engineered by Rackner, and available for both iOS and android platforms, kaZING helps connect customers with service providers in a wide-array of fields from auto-repair to foreign language tutoring.


When the kaZING team came to Rackner, they had an existing prototype that included some of the core features of the desired final application. However, it was not built for scale, high security, and was lacking several other key features. Rapid iteration cycles for the application’s early release phase was another design requirement. As an application with a broad potential user base, kaZING needed to be built on a cloud provider that would enable it to scale accordingly with minimal latency anywhere on the globe. It would also need to be designed so new features and changes to existing features could be added to both iOS and android as quick as possible. Secure in-app payment processing and security of user data was also absolutely essential in creating kaZING. Of additional importance to the kaZING team was the ability to verify user’s identities to provide a sense of security to their user base. Another new feature they needed included was an in-app chat application.


To fulfill these varied requirements, we built a cross-platform mobile application using Ionic. We integrated Braintree payments and built out the real-time chat solution using websockets. We spent plenty of time on design and UX to ensure that we minimized user friction and we built an onboarding process to help users start with the app.

We architected a cloud deployment on Microsoft Azure to deal with the variable stresses of a hyperlocal real-time transaction app like kaZING. The backend was built on .NET with plenty of 3rd party integrations on both the front end and backend.

We also built a fully featured administrative panel for the use of kaZING employees for customer support, analytics, troubleshooting, and more.