Building a market-enabling eCommerce platform on AWS for a $30B+ company
We architected and developed a flexible and massively scalable eCommerce platform on AWS
Hybrid Cloud


Our customer wanted to build a flexible and scalable eCommerce platform from scratch that could be used across various properties and industry verticals. We accomplished this by using a combination of containers and AWS Serverless products to built an economic but highly scalable platform.


We architected an end-to-end, full stack platform consisting of backend, infrastructure, and front-end modules which spanned the breadth of administrative, tooling, and application requirements. AWS was used as the cloud platform of choice.

We harnessed AWS Lambda to build serverless microservices for niche parts of the application. The bulk of the application modules runs on EC2 instances in autoscaling groups for near-unlimited scalability.

In addition, we built a fully featured set of application modules using the newest in front end technologies. The applications were architected to be quick, responsive, and easy to iterate on by using technologies like React and Redux.