Mobile, IoT and VR

Build the next generation of innovative systems with emerging technologies

Internet of Things

Edge Computing

Perform tasks and deploy containers on IoT devices.

Key Tech & Partners: AWS Greengrass, Azure IoT Edge
IoT Platform Development

A resilient, performant backbone for your IoT system.

Key Tech & Partners: Kubernetes, Amazon ECS
IoT Communication

Use Bluetooth, NFC and more to enable cross-device communication - for instance, accessing your IoT device from a mobile app.

Key Tech & Partners: Bluetooth, BLE

VR Platform Development

VR-Optimized APIs

Modern, performant Websocket-based APIs for your VR application - built to be compatible with leading game engines used in VR development.

Key Tech & Partners: NGINX, Docker
Autoscaling + Healing Game Servers

Scale up or down to meet demand with resilience and failover built in. Keep your user experience consistent in the event of a regional failure.

Key Tech & Partners: Kubernetes, Amazon ECS

Mobile Application Development

Hybrid-Native Mobile Apps

Build for both Android and iOS platforms without sacrificing performance.

Key Tech & Partners: React Native, Nativescript
Cross Platform App Development

Fully cross-platform applications built with web technologies.

Key Tech & Partners: Ionic Framework, Cordova
Native App Development

Fully-native applications for when performance is the top priority.

Key Tech & Partners: Kubernetes, Amazon ECS

Progressive Web Apps

Harness the newest web technologies to build engaging mobile experiences.

Through the use of Service Workers, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), and other standards, we can build applications that your users keep coming back to.

Increased user engagement
Can be saved to user's home screen
Much improved conversions